Smart Dog

Having a well mannered family dog is something all dog guardians want.  With my private training option, you will get one on one training in the privacy of your home.  Many times, training in the dog's environment is the best option for distraction free focus where the entire family can participate.  

Never have I found it necessary to dominate or physically over power a dog to get them to learn.  I will teach you these methods in a gentle and caring manner that your pup will appreciate and respect. I will be here for you through the life of your dog and am very accessible. You can email, text or call me for any reason at any time without worry.  I'm here to help your canine experience be the best it can be!

Behaviors We Cover:





Leave It

Drop It



Settle on a Mat

Loose Leash Walking

Socializing with Strangers/Dogs

House Boundaries

For young puppies: Potty and crate training, nipping, jumping up

If you have specific behavior problems, we will cater the training plan to those challenges.

What Is Included:

All sessions in your home and surrounding areas (walks/neighborhood)

PDF Homework of what has been taught

Follow up and support via phone, Zoom or email

What's Next?

Contact us for a free short consultation to explain your training needs.  


For a full training package which includes all of the foundation behaviors above, I offer a 6 hour training plan for $630

You may also choose to hire me hourly at a rate of $125/hr